Following the life of a Female Fight Promoter

Follow me as I attempt to put Alaska MMA on the map~

So I start my blog today to give the fans of Alaska Fighting Championship a little insight into my life as a Female MMA promoter. I am excited to get this started and to express the joys and daily frustrations this position brings.

There are many positive and negative ideas that surround  the world of MMA. I find myself in a constant battle to defend the sport that I love. I am a promoter. I love my job. I know many say I have the dream job and I would have to agree for the most part.  The things that I deal with are not everyday situations that the average everyday working American has to deal with. Anything from fighters backing out at the last-minute to making advertising dead lines. I love it all, but there are challenges.  I plan to keep an accurate and day-to-day account of what happens along the road to planning Alaska’s #1 MMA event! Thanks for tuning in and I promise a lot of inside secrets and dirt along the way!!


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  1. Who runs this website?

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