Good things come to those who wait and wait and wait :)

So today was another eventful day in the life of a fight promoter. I have got ramped up for the big event coming on Feb 10. The floor seats have sold out and every one has avoided injury to this point! Big PLUS! I honestly did not think it could get better than this! I have waited on news from a Nationally Televised TV program about covering the upcoming event. Since we are a week out today I did not think that it was very likely…. well the news came and it was BIG!!!! I was notified that HDnet Fights will be coming here to Anchorage, Alaska to cover our event AFC 68 “Monster vs. Demon”  The event will be showcased on the TV program called Inside MMA. “Inside MMA” is a popular program on the HDNet, a television network known for high-definition programming. Hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten, interview and feature mixed martial arts stars from around the globe. The viewership extends throughout the United States and Canada. “HOME RUN” for Alaska MMA and Alaska sports in general. I have to be honest. This was not my doing. It took a lot of hard work and pestering from a few special people to make this happen and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I knew something had to break……it was a matter of time! Not only did we get this amazing news!!  Also we were informed today that the Anchorage Daily News has approved a blog that will be on their sports page!!! Thanks to the hard work of Sam Dunham ( A fighter and avid MMA Fan) MMA will now have a place on the local news front to let the public in on all the exciting news and happenings!  It was a good day in the fight for MMA.

I told my Father today that good things come in 3’s! He said Sarah good things can come in 7’s and 8’s. Just keep trudging.

And thats what I will do…..

To be continued!


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