TV inteviews

It started off like a normal day and quickly turned out to be one of the most exciting yet nerve racking days yet. I knew I had a TV interview with Channel 13 News at 7 p.m. I went through all the possible questions they might ask. I was trying to think ahead and ended up working myself up into a big ball of stress. “What will they ask? Will they throw me under the bus? “. Not all news stories in the past have been positive! They are vert selective about the context the post. I understand it’s their job, but I always worry about how it will come out!
I ran and did all my errands, met with my graphic design guy, got the new mat logo to print and off to the TV interview.
Once I arrived to Gracie Barra the stress meter went through the roof. I walked into to the gym, you could feel the sweat lingering in the air. It was muggy, smelly and honestly I really did not want to be there. That changed quickly when I met the camera guy and the reporter. She was very friendly and put my stresses at ease! She explained what the story was about and I honestly could not have been more excited!! They filmed the guys at the gym training. They interviewed Julio Paulino. Then my turn! “Take a deep breath, it’s going to be alright!!!!” ok go time! The interview went great. I thanked her for her time and consideration! Off to the next adventure! As I drove home I had the thought cross my mind. “I am very lucky to have MMA in my life! I love my job!”

Till next time.……


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