Weigh ins AFC 68

So it’s been a few day since I wrote. Been busy getting last min touches on the fights. Had weigh INS tonight and the phone has been ringing non stop. Ticket requests, fighters complaining, and media’s questions. Part of the job I know. The best text I got today was from a fighter named Tommie Mathews. It said “Can I weigh in early? I have a Denny’s grand slam to claim” I found this so funny!!

This event really is turning out to be all it has been hyped to be! We will see tomorrow how it all pans out.

I think the fans will notice the difference in some of the production of the show. My marketing guys and I have worked this event to death and I really hope it comes out tomorrow!

So Weigh INS went well! A few fighters did not make weight. That is my #1 complaint with professional fighters. This is your job! Be here and be on weight! These are the two main requierments I stress.this is something predetermined prior to the fight being set. How much you are to weigh and when to be there. Julio missed weight by 2lbs. He paid 400 to Rob. Rob said put up your belt at 185 and you can keep your money. Julio agreed!! The drama continues!! These guys really don’t like each other. The wait is finally over! Monster vs. Demon is finally here! Check out the prior to weight cut and at weight cut photo of Julio. I have to hand it to the guys. They go through hell!!! Fighters are bad ass mofos there is no doubt about it!


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