Official Results AFC 68….and my honest no BS opinion

So here are my thought on the AFC 68 results. This is a place for me as the promoter to express my true feelings about the results with out the political unbiased BS……… so here it goes.

What will be a night to remember, AFC 68 was action packed with 3000 + fans in attendance. See below for official results!

Main Event 3- 5 min Rounds
Welterweight Super Fight 3-5 min Rounds

Rob “The Monster” Yundt vs. Julio “The Dominican Demon” Paulino TKO 2:26 2nd round

(Great fight was really not sure on which way this fight would go. If I was a betting woman…. this would defiantly not be the fight I would have bet on. I respect both fighters so much and was very happy to see both of them show class in the locker room when the fight was finally over. I think Julio was the better fighter that night. That is all there is to it)

AFC make front page sports ADN

Featherweight 3- 5 min rounds

Jesse Brock vs. Demetrius “DJ” Johnson 1:06.5 KO 1st round

(Wow DJ!!! He is so quick! I was not expecting this fight to be over so quickly. Jesse Brock is no joke and DJ caught him! It was a great KO and I give mass props to DJ. Jesse will be back and this is one of my top 5 rematches of all time in the AFC I would like to see. Everyone can get caught and it was DJ’s night to shine. There is no doubt about it. DJ has a TON of talent and I look forward to seeing him in the big show soon!)

Lightweight 3-5 min rounds
Nate Hannah vs. Caros Fodor 4.59 2nd round Tap out ( Arm Bar)(See end of article for explanation)

( You will see the comment down below about this fight. In what was the hardest decision to make in my career with the AFC I honestly wish this fight did not happen. It was such a touch call and such a hard decision, but ultimately I feel that I made the right one. Caros is an amazing fighter hands down. Nate had the better of Caros though. The Alaska Boy took it home and was a HUGE victory for Nate. Nate was dropped a couple of times but I saw Nate ahead in round 1 and 2 even though round 2 was not scored. This was the controversy I spoke of early and honestly I don’t know if AFC will ever live it down. I would love to see a rematch between the two but doubt that will ever happen. Pressure from coaches is not a fun issue to deal with and I will leave it at that. )

Ryan Ayay vs. Cody Dunbar Unanimous decision 30 -27

(Good fight but Cody needs to learn how to finish fights. To be a fan favorite you have to finish fights. The fans do not want to see you lay on the other fighter for 15 minutes. I think that once Cody learns to finish his fights he will be a force to recon with! )

Tommie Mathews vs. Russell “Andy” Enz 1.26 1st round tap out Keylock

(WOW! Did not expect this fight to end in a keylock. Andy Enz is no joke. Tommie Mathews has improved over his recent win with Talamoni! I was expecting a slug fest from these two and it went to the ground! Regardless great great fight and props for making the front page of the sports section Andy!)

Craig Reishus vs. Steven Lyons 2.37 1st round kimura

(Great fight! Steven and Craig were pretty evenly matched. Was not sure what would happen in this one and a beautiful kimura it was! )

Rod Pucak vs. Chuck Brown 1.38 TKO 1st round

(Debut fight for Purple Belt Chuck Brown and again was not to sure how this one would go. I think the cage dump got to Chuck and would like to see him in there again! Great show to Rod! He is now 2-1 and a force at the 205 division.)

Catch-weight 165
Daniel Box vs. Cody Rice 1.22 TKO 1 round

(Our opener……ahhhh Daniel Box. Daniel Box needs to get back to the gym and train, train , train. Cody Rice was under matched and it showed in a complete dominating ass kicking. Look forward to seeing Cody in a tougher fight! )

In what was a controversial ref stoppage for fight # 6 (Nate Hannah vs. Caros Fodor) an official decision has been made. The decision for the ref will stand with Nate Hannah the winner. Fodor’s coach immediately contested the result because the tap was after the bell ending the second round. After the event was over the promoter and Fodor’s camp reviewed the footage of the stoppage. The tap was clearly after the bell. Alaska Fighting Championship did not have a review or appeal process in place to handle this situation including no provision for the use of instant replay. The promoter then consulted first with AFC’s Referee who made the call then with the Nevada State Athletic Commission on how to handle this type of unforeseen situation. The promoter then spoke to the NASC Executive Director Keith Keiser. Mr. Kesier stated that in Nevada “This situation is not an appealable decision. They must live with the ref’s decision. The only time the refs decision is overturned is a fight ending injury.” Due to the lack of rules in place the referee’s decision will stand.

The Alaska Fighting Championship would like to apologize to both Caros Fodors camp and to Nate Hannah’s camp for the confusion in handling this situation. AFC saw both parties’ disputes and handled them as quickly and as fairly as possible.
Alaska Fighting Championship would encourage a rematch as quickly as possible to handle this controversial call once and for all.
In effort to prevent this confusion in the future, Alaska Fighting Championship will adopt and enact appropriate policies from established athletic commissions.

I once again want to thank everyone for all of their help! Especially Paul Stockler. He has been a great resource and a rock with all the help he has given me!


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