Still there is clean up.

Today was the same as the past week since the last event. Clean up. Tying up loose ends collecting ticket money, paying bills. I am just ready to move on to AFC 69.

AFC 69 will be a great fight card if everything goes as planned. I was contacted by Ricky Shivers asking to fight in March and I called around to  find him a tough fight. I was right in the middle of negotiating with Loudin Sincaid and brought the offer to Ricky. He went back and forth about the money. I am not sure what the fighters up here think about the AFC, but getting paid 5k for a fight with out getting out there and marketing yourself is not going to happen.

I was a huge Ricky Shivers fan from day 1 at AFC. I was a fan before I was a promoter and personally sponsored Ricky. I guess these guys just don’t remember who was there for them. It really does not matter I guess. I have to protect myself and my company and not be to concerned with the fighters gripes.

So he left me hanging for over a day then give me an excuse that he is under contract for a fight that was canceled. Did you not know that before you started asking for a fight????  Such is life. I worked hard to get this fight booked because I thought it was a fight the fans would love to see. All that work and wasted time for nothing. My exact words were if you can’t fight, don’t waste my time by asking.

I feel the fight card will be strong never the less!

Stay tune for updates!

Till next time!



One Response to “Still there is clean up.”

  1. Alaskantkdkid Says:

    Damn that would have been a sick fight to see…

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