Fights tonight, Ready or not here they come

So the fights are tonight! I know I know if feels like yesterday it was AFC 68….  Well snow or no snow the show must go on! Weigh ins went well last night with only 1 fighter being 1 lb over weight. A few laps around the block and he made weight.

The anticipated match up with Waalkes and Rivera will for sure be the fight to watch. I am the most excited about seeing the debut fighters on this card because you never know what to expect from them. We have quite a few on this card so it calls for a great night!

Also the fight to watch is Jesse Cruz vs Josh Clark expect fire works out of this one as they are both fighting for a shot at the first ever 135 championship belt. Also tonight a great preview of what is in store for the future of the AFC and a brief preview of AFC 70 “Rewind” Wed 28th. This will be a staked fight card and bringing back the old school AFC fighters who were there at its conception.

Rivera vs Waalkes weigh ins

I am crossing my fingers for the snow to quit flying….regardless, I will be there tonight ….with bells on……. cheering on my favorite fighters right along side all the AFC fans!!

See you at the fights!!!!!!!!!


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