AFC 69 “Proving Ground” Results and my NO BS opinion of the fights

AFC 69 “Proving Ground” TUESDAY, March 9th 7:30 @ Sullivan Arena

Main Event 5- 3min Rounds

Light Heavyweight Championship

Stephen “The Incredible Hulk” Waalkes vs. Jesus “The Truth” Rivera  2:19 4th RD RNC

Great fight both gave it all they had. All they had though will not be good enough for the up and comers that want that Light- Heavyweight Belt. I have been contacted by Ricky Shivers and Brian Ryan already stating they want to take a jab at Waalkes. Stay tune on this to see who Waalkes will face first. Both fighters in this fight looked gassed after the 2nd round. AFC will be moving all upper end fights to 5 min rounds in the start of 2010 so these guys both have a lot of cardio work to do if they want to stay in the ranking! Props to Waalkes for pulling it out!!! Jesus gave it all he had and is also a true warrior. I have tons of respect for both of these guys and hope that it was a wake up call for them and they can go back and learn what they need to work on!! I wish Jesus a speedy recovery and want to thank everyone in the locker room who assisted Jesus to get him the proper medical treatment. I was right along side Jesus when he was taken to the hospital and Anchorage Fire Department did a great job taking care of him!

Co-Main Event

Light Heavyweight

Rod Pucak vs. Andy Enz 2:27 1st Rd RNC

I was super excited for this fight. I love both of these guys and  enjoy having them on the fight card! I really did not know what to expect in this fight…. I can’t wait to see both the fighters back in action. I think a couple more fights for Enz and he will be right there in the contender spot in the Light Heavyweight Divisions (Look out Waalkes, Tank Mode is coming!)


Josh Clark vs. Jesse Cruz 3rd Rd Split Decision

This fight by far was the fight of the night…. wish we have a fight of the night sponsor (Shameless plug) so these guys could make some extra chips! But anyway both guys threw down. The crowd went crazy and was great to see both guys go at it! Jesse had the bigger heart that night and wanted that contendership spot BAD! Jesse Cruz is one of the most emotional fighters that I have came across and I think that is good and bad for him in many ways!

All I can say is I can not wait for Cruz vs. Mitchell rematch for the 135lb belt in May. Jesse stated his hand is messed up. We will have to wait and see if we can make this fight happen in May!


Cody Rice vs. Ryan Ayay  2:15 2nd RD TKO GNP

WOW!!! I was not expecting the complete domination from Rice at all. AYAY is a GREAT fighter and I expected more out of him. I think Ayay will is a bit broke and he needs to get back in there and get on a winning streak! I love watching both Ayay and Rice fight! They both have a story line and are entertainers!! Great fight and another W for Rice!


Harry Caudle vs. Dustin Hendricks 2:28 1st RD TKO GNP

Caudle was brave for taking this fight. Most people hear Hendricks and run for cover. The Hendricks name is strong here in the AK fighting community and it is very hard for me to find Dustin a fight. I would like to see Caudle come back and fight some one more on his skill level and also see Dustin step up an notch and jump back into the Cage! Congrats to Dustin on his win!

Catch Weight 140lbs

Terrance Mitchell vs. Kyle Volin :58 1st RD Arm Bar

Fireworks!!!!!!!!! T. Mitchell will put on a great fight against Cruz for the first 135lb Championship! Volin looked a lot better than he has and his continued training will def. help him in the cage!


Derrek Chalifour vs Aaron Ester 1:15 1st RD TKO GNP

Props to Chalifour! I think he is back on his game! Aaron put up a great fight for his first fight back!!


Jason Leach vs. Jake Leboeuf  :51  1st RD Triangle

Love seeing the debut guys!!! Both guys will come back strong from this experience!


Douglas Andrews vs. Dyllan Larson 1:34 1st RD Side Choke

I think that Larson panicked and did not know how to handle that situation. I think that after their first fight in the cage both fighters will come back stronger!

I just want to thank everyone who came out for a great night of fights! The snow was terrible and we have some die hard fans! AFC would not be possible with out the fighters, fans and volunteers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! See you April 28th for AFC 70 “Rewind”

Till Next time!


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