Its been a long time!

Well a lot has happened in the last month since I have posted. I took a personal vacation right after the Mat Su Showdown and did not get back till the 2 days before AFC 70. I came back an engaged woman!! Whoo hoo! I will be getting married in the later part of 2011. I appreciate the patience of all the fighters and the fans in this exciting time of my life! I may have not been available, but I am now! Back to work!
AFC has hosted 2 events in the month of April. April 14th the first every Mat Su Showdown located in Wasilla, AK and AFC 70 ” Rewind on April 28th. Both events were a HUGE success with a thank you in part to all the fighters, fans and volunteers.

Josh " The Ghost" Henry vs Cody Rice

Mat Su Showdown was the first MMA event that has been held in the cage to go down in Wasilla. The show sold out with over 2000 plus Valley MMA fans in attendance. The fight card was prominently Valley fighters with a few that came up from Anchorage. The event was held at the Curtis D. Menard Sport Complex. The fans have been asking for more so in the month of June there will be another event held same time same place. We are working on scheduling as we speak. The local Valley businesses were GREAT! Thank you to Krazy Moose Subs, A1 Pawn Shop, Black Lake BJJ and Moose Head Saloon for selling the tickets and thank you to James Hastings and Tedman over at the sports complex for taking great care of us!!! Wasilla is a GREAT place to host MMA fights and we will be bringing the fights back to the fans!!!
See below for ADN’s coverage of the event.

AFC 70 “Rewind” Was an amazing night of fights! It was great to see some of the old school AFC fighters back in action such as Kevin “The Bulldog” Barber, Stephen Beck, Josh ” The Ghost” Henry and Tim “The Terror” Hendricks. I hope that we get to see these guys more often! As an AFC fan turned promoter I truly admire these guys and what they have done for the sport of MMA. There are a few write ups about the event you can follow the links below!

I just want to say a special thank you to Peter and Sam for doing a great job covering the local MMA scene! It’s nice to see the sport that these men and women work so hard for finally get coverage!

A big thank you again to everyone who made the events possible! I promise very juicy blog post to come about controversial BS going on in out little state of AK.

Thanks for reading!
Till next time!


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