Dana White……The Man of MMA

So I am back from a refreshing trip in Las Vegas to watch the UFC. It was an amazing time to watch the best organization in the world! I ran into some great fighters and leaders in the MMA game. The weekend was full of fights fights fights. It started with the UFC Fan expo where there were a bunch of great booths. It was PACKED. We sat for a Dana White question and answer session which was the highlight of my trip. It was interested to see Dana interact with the crowd. He is not that bad after all! He was very humble. It put in to perspective what kind of President he really was. He took time to take photos answer questions and seem to really relate with the fans and give the fans what fights they wanted to see. I waited in line for 20 min just to ask him one simple questions. A guy comes up and offers me $20.00 bucks for my place in line. I thought to myself this is a once and a lifetime chance to talk to a man who I rank up there with the President of the United States. No way buddy………

My turn got closer and I started to draw a blank. What am I going to ask this guy? He is god in the MMA world and I look up to him so much! I went start struck but the questions came out almost on auto pilot. “Mr. White, I run a small organization in Alaska and I am wondering what we can do to prepare our fighters for the UFC?” WHEW… I said it. He replied. “I have heard of the Alaska Fighting Championship up there, but the best thing you can do to get the fighters ready for the UFC is put together good matches. Mismatches will not work!” He then told me that he would love to come fishing in Alaska and I came up on stage for a photo-op with him. He told me how to get a hold of him and I plan to do just that. I walked off stage in awe of what just happened. He has heard of the AFC?? What an honor. The rest of the day I was on cloud nine repeating the advise he gave me earlier in the day. “Make strong Matches…. Mismatches will not work. I am on an all new mission to creat the best fight cards Alaska has ever seen! I love the AFC…. the fans and the fighters allow me to live my dream of being involved in the best sport in the WORLD!


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