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Official Results AFC 68….and my honest no BS opinion

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So here are my thought on the AFC 68 results. This is a place for me as the promoter to express my true feelings about the results with out the political unbiased BS……… so here it goes.

What will be a night to remember, AFC 68 was action packed with 3000 + fans in attendance. See below for official results!

Main Event 3- 5 min Rounds
Welterweight Super Fight 3-5 min Rounds

Rob “The Monster” Yundt vs. Julio “The Dominican Demon” Paulino TKO 2:26 2nd round

(Great fight was really not sure on which way this fight would go. If I was a betting woman…. this would defiantly not be the fight I would have bet on. I respect both fighters so much and was very happy to see both of them show class in the locker room when the fight was finally over. I think Julio was the better fighter that night. That is all there is to it)

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Controversy ends………… or does it?

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What would be an amazing night of fights with 3000 + fans in attendance was all shot down by one fight that ended in controversy. The wind was out of my sail and it was time to find a solution to the problem. For once in the last 3 months the controversy did not involve Yundt or Paulino. What a surprise right? This controversy surrounded the Caros Fodor vs. Nate Hannah fight. The coach said that the tap was after the bell at the time the fight was called by the ref. There was nothing AFC could have done at that time. The fights must go on. I went to the back after the event and reviewed the tape. The tap was AT the bell and began after the bell had begun to sound. So whats next…… do we over turn the refs call and call it a no contest. Do we leave the call stand with the refs decision. This was the most morally challenged I have EVER been in my 3 years running the AFC. I felt pressure from both sides to make the right decision. I then spent the next 2 days deciding what to do. People here locally were all over the board and riding both sides of the fence. I concluded that I needed outside help from a non biased party. Conclusion………. stick with the refs call. You can not go and overturn the refs decision in the cage. Every fight could be question if that was the fact. I admit it was a very very very close call and the fight should have made it to the 3rd round. The fact is, it didn’t. Nate Hannah is the winner and I look to see a rematch as soon as possible. Caros was an amazing sport and accepted the loss. I know I will continue to get pressure indirectly from Caros Camp. I just have to keep moving along. You can not let some one bully you into making your decision. You have to make the decision based on what is right or wrong. This has been a huge learning experience for me and exposed peoples true colors.

I would like to bring up the fact that AFC is not alone in this situation. HDNET televised a KING OF THE CAGE live from New Mexico this past weekend. The main event, a heavyweight title fight, a knockout occurred by a punch that started being thrown as the bell was sounding or just after the bell ending the second round. The one fighter could not continue. They awarded the victory to the puncher. I bring this point up to stress that there are unique situations in the world of sports and this is just one example of that.

According to here are the top 3 worse calls in sports

AFC 68 "Monster vs Demon"

1. Denkinger calls Orta safe
In arguably the most controversial call in World Series history, Don Denkinger calls the Royals’ Jorge Orta safe at first base in the ninth inning of Game 6 of the 1985 Series against the Cardinals. TV replays show that St. Louis pitcher Todd Worrell had clearly beaten Orta to the bag, but Denkinger’s call sets the stage for a two-run Royals rally in a critical 2-1 victory. Kansas City goes on to win the Series in seven games.

2. Colorado’s fifth down
Colorado comes from behind to beat Missouri 33-31 in 1990, scoring the game-winning touchdown on “fifth down.” Officials fail to count a down when the Buffs spike the ball to stop the clock and mistakenly give CU five cracks at the end zone. Colorado’s score comes on the final play of the game.

3. Soviets get extra time in 1972 Olympic hoops
The U.S. men’s basketball team suffers its first loss in Olympic history when officials put time back on the clock twice in the final seconds, allowing the Soviet Union to score a basket at the buzzer and win the gold medal with a 50-49 victory in the final of the 1972 Games.

Officials are human there is no doubt about that! Hopefully we can move on from this and continue to put on a great show!

Thanks for your support! Till next time!

Weigh ins AFC 68

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So it’s been a few day since I wrote. Been busy getting last min touches on the fights. Had weigh INS tonight and the phone has been ringing non stop. Ticket requests, fighters complaining, and media’s questions. Part of the job I know. The best text I got today was from a fighter named Tommie Mathews. It said “Can I weigh in early? I have a Denny’s grand slam to claim” I found this so funny!!

This event really is turning out to be all it has been hyped to be! We will see tomorrow how it all pans out.

I think the fans will notice the difference in some of the production of the show. My marketing guys and I have worked this event to death and I really hope it comes out tomorrow!

So Weigh INS went well! A few fighters did not make weight. That is my #1 complaint with professional fighters. This is your job! Be here and be on weight! These are the two main requierments I stress.this is something predetermined prior to the fight being set. How much you are to weigh and when to be there. Julio missed weight by 2lbs. He paid 400 to Rob. Rob said put up your belt at 185 and you can keep your money. Julio agreed!! The drama continues!! These guys really don’t like each other. The wait is finally over! Monster vs. Demon is finally here! Check out the prior to weight cut and at weight cut photo of Julio. I have to hand it to the guys. They go through hell!!! Fighters are bad ass mofos there is no doubt about it!

TV inteviews

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It started off like a normal day and quickly turned out to be one of the most exciting yet nerve racking days yet. I knew I had a TV interview with Channel 13 News at 7 p.m. I went through all the possible questions they might ask. I was trying to think ahead and ended up working myself up into a big ball of stress. “What will they ask? Will they throw me under the bus? “. Not all news stories in the past have been positive! They are vert selective about the context the post. I understand it’s their job, but I always worry about how it will come out!
I ran and did all my errands, met with my graphic design guy, got the new mat logo to print and off to the TV interview.
Once I arrived to Gracie Barra the stress meter went through the roof. I walked into to the gym, you could feel the sweat lingering in the air. It was muggy, smelly and honestly I really did not want to be there. That changed quickly when I met the camera guy and the reporter. She was very friendly and put my stresses at ease! She explained what the story was about and I honestly could not have been more excited!! They filmed the guys at the gym training. They interviewed Julio Paulino. Then my turn! “Take a deep breath, it’s going to be alright!!!!” ok go time! The interview went great. I thanked her for her time and consideration! Off to the next adventure! As I drove home I had the thought cross my mind. “I am very lucky to have MMA in my life! I love my job!”

Till next time.……