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AFC 69 “Proving Ground” Commercial

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So I am super excited about this commercial that was put together by my marketing team, Asterik Creative Group. They wanted to try something different and going with the theme “Proving Ground” They did a great job. The fighters were a little hesitant to try something new but I think that Rivera and Waalkes had fun with it. Don’t miss these guys battle it out Tuesday, March 9th LIVE at the Sullivan Arena. Let me know your thought on the commercial. Hope you enjoy.

Jesus and Stephen

Waalkes and Rivera filming the commercial


News coverage

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Starting off a day like today can not be good for your focus. It started off with the phone ringing off the hook. No real answers for the phone calls and a bunch of “I will have to get back to you”. It started to pick up with an idea session with my new director of advertising. He lit a flame under me with his new and fresh ideas. I realized that there is a need to educate the general public about the sport of MMA and the misconception the sport carries. I thought we have made it past the initial hump of the human cock fighting but I was so wrong!!! I spoke with a man in his office who was an insurance agent by trade and comparied MMA to WWE wrestling. He also thought that the fans of the sport were 21 year old drunk frat boys who did not have respect for the adult life style. Boy was he wrong. MMA fans are young and old, men, women and the largest growing demo, children. This is not a race specific sport and does not discriminate. Anything from CEO’s to blue collar workers to college and high school students attend MMA events. It just brought to my attention that I need to focus on educating the public that this sport is a true test of warriors and is here to stay like it or not!
The second part of my day was spent finding ways to get the ball rolling on some of these fresh ideas. I then opened my email to find a message from the sports director from Channel 13 News. The want to do a story on the AFC and MMA in Alaska!! I told her she was a breath of fresh air!! I was so excited to hear that we will be getting press before our big event on Feb 10th. The news story will run on Feb 9th at 5,6 and 10. I want to use this to accomplish what I was just speaking about!!
It has been a pretty eventful day today and I will close with this!! If there is something you are passionate about never give up trudging through the forrest to get your view across and stand up for what you believe in!!